Sunday, April 6, 2008

a day in the life

7:ooam - wake up, shower, and try to prepare body for picture
9:00am - hair appointment across town
10:45am - run frantically across house searching for misc. items that have decided to play a vanishing act.
11:15am - somehow arrive early to bridal shoot on other opposite end of town with dad in tow.
11:16am - suddenly feel a desperate urge to go to the bathroom.
12:45pm - finish photoshoot and race home.
1:15pm - depart for bridal shower.
2:00-5:00pm - smile, make small talk, and thank people graciously.
5:15pm - time to eat for the first time all day? eat with fiance and MOH at Mimi's (!!!)
8:00-11:00pm - take fiance to one of his favorite bands' concert. stand, dance, and nod off.
11:00pm-12:00am - cup of chai
12:30am - return to messy, messy bedroom and blog. will expound later.

Tomorrow: church, drive to OKC, second shower of the weekend, drive to Tulsa, Bible study.

Now: Sleep? Yes!


Allison said...

Have a wonderful, blessed day tomorrow. I hope you'll post wedding pictures eventually.

Congratulations Mrs. Tomlinson!

Tracy said...

yes, congratulations indeed!! love you laurie!

OK Chick said...

are you married? update!

Laura Reese said...

I saw some pictures of your wedding on facebook - everything was beautiful, especially the bride :)
Our house is in Midtown Tulsa, around 11th and Yale. We're moving at the end of the month!